a cheesy question

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a cheesy question

Postby Ablot on Tue May 16, 2017 8:12 am

The 'cheese-' in question is chickpea cheese.

I have replaced the ingredient miso with sourdough and honey.

The recipe calls for me to store the cheese in an open but covered ceramic croc. I am instructed to wait until there is a tangy taste then it should be able to be eaten.

However, I prefer a more solid feel and a 'mature' taste, so I have held off from eating it.

After two days there is an overpowering smell and the crust has begun to change to a pale pink. I removed the crust and tasted the cheese - hmm, pleasantly tangy but very light in texture. So I have put thecheese into a muslin then into an ancient cheese drainer ... which is incredibly efficient with whey immediately being expelled.

My question is - is this an appropriate way to harden it off and to change the flavour ... or will it go the way of my other cheese (sunflower seed), which became so smelly that I could not have it in the house (it would make a very useable CS gas!!) ... and it turned black!
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