Greetings from Rio!

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Greetings from Rio!

Postby Augustus on Fri Dec 07, 2018 10:53 am

Hello, everybody.

My name is Carlos Augustus, I'm, 26, Brazilian, and live in Rio de Janeiro.

Last month I've decided to make my first Sauerkraut, because I ate it once and loved so much. It was successfu experience, so I started looking for preserved foods and "how to make saurkraut", wich I'm such a big lover, and I found Sandor Katz and the marvelous gift of fementation. This week got a copy of "The art of fermentation" and "wild fermentation" (still reading both).

Influenced by the success of my Sauerkraut, I went into another project (still going on): sourdough! Well, I'm yet trying to atract the yeasts to my flour, honey and water batter and I need some help with it, because I've made one and some ants falled into, so I throw it out (afraid the ants may have contaminated it with the wrong microbes) and made another, wich is in day 1 (made it yesterday [06/12/2018]) and this morning [07/12/2018] when I checked it, it was already thick, full of bubbles and got, again, but this time less, ants in (I removed all of them from the batter). My question is: do I discard it and start another, or let it follow?

Probably you guys already know this, but here in Rio is VERY hot. Typical day temperature is about 86ºF to 107,6ºF.

Finishing, I really hope to be accepted in this forum, because I'm very excited about fermenting foods and learning how to do it right. And I know here is the right place to do so.

PS: If you need I can send some photos os my "sourdough wanna be."
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Re: Greetings from Rio!

Postby Christopher Weeks on Fri Dec 07, 2018 1:48 pm

Welcome to Wild Fermentation!

You should ask again in the grain ferments board now that you have permissions.
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