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Beijing, China

PostPosted: Wed May 11, 2016 2:19 am
by Tencent
Posting this to see if there are other English speaking enthusiasts around. Living here offers a lot of opportunities in terms of fermentation options, but also brings with it some challenges due to the language barrier (at least in my case :| )

Re: Beijing, China

PostPosted: Mon Jul 17, 2017 9:58 am
by sheenacv

You posted this quite a long time ago, and I'm not actually in Beijing, but I am in China. I live in Zhuhai (so quite far away to actually meet up), but I'd be really interested to hear if you're still fermenting, and what kind of things you are doing (there are a lot of different fruits and veggies here I'd like to try). I think I'd also like to eventually learn a bit more about traditional Chinese ferments - my friend from dongbei is coming down in a couple of days, and I'll probably ask her a bit about how her Mom ferments veggies. I also bought a traditional Chinese fermenting vessel that I'll probably try (but not until September, as I'm going to be away on holidays soon).