Neglected ginger champagne

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Neglected ginger champagne

Postby kestrelcry on Wed Jan 01, 2014 10:51 pm

So, I've been in the process of making 5 gallons of the ginger champagne from Wild Fermentation. At the point where I racked it into a second carboy, where it was supposed to stay for 6 months and then get bottled with a wee bit of sugar and grains of yeast, things got away from me (graduate school is a terrible life choice). It's been in the carboy for a good 6/7 months longer than it was supposed to be. It's not looking tainted or anything, it's certainly the clearest booze I've ever made to this point, so I'm not worried it's ruined or anything. However, is there anything I need to do to it before bottling to compensate for the extra half a year? I'd prefer something that isn't too dry, and I can imagine that any sweetness may be very gone at this point.
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