New source of grains?

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New source of grains?

Postby Jessica Fletcher on Wed Jul 27, 2022 7:46 pm

Well today has been a bust. My oscillating fan shimmied its way off my refrigerator, right onto both of my milk kefir jars, sending them onto the stone floor shattering them.

I had gotten my grains from seven years ago and kept them alive and multiplying the whole time. Sadly, that site is not up anymore. So I check I decide to check if Dominic Anfiteatro's indispensable site has any leads. Sad to learn that Dom died a few years ago. I was always reading that site!

kefirhood doesn't have anything near me, and the posts are like four years old.

I did dig out some super old grains from the fridge. I'll try to revive them, but I'm skeptical. I forgot about them and stopped changing the milk a few years ago.

Happy to pay for some fresh kefir grains. Anyone got any leads?
Jessica Fletcher
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