Sunflower seed cheese

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Sunflower seed cheese

Postby Angel on Mon Dec 12, 2016 3:27 am

I recently tried making sprouted, fermented sunflower seed sour cream cheese without a starter, using this recipe: ... /#comments

I opted for using a bit of salt and no miso as she offers. It barely rose and the top layer oxidised to a dark brown colour, although the underneath did turn from grey to a warm cream colour. It smelled nice like Marmite/yeast extract. But it tasted like an extremely tangy sour cheese with a mild hint of Marmite and the tang was too much on my tongue!

I am wondering if it is supposed to smell or taste of yeast extract- does this suggest yeast?

Do you have experience with making seed cheese? Why might it not rise properly after a couple of days? Do you make it without a starter? Do you find that it is different to when you do use a starter? What is a good vegan starter?

In this post Bekah says that at a workshop Sandor said that you can use sauerkraut juice as a starter- I may try this next time.
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Re: Sunflower seed cheese

Postby bacteriaguy on Mon May 29, 2017 9:55 am

I always use a starter and it turns out better. A good vegan starter is rejuvelac, but needs to be very fresh rejuvelac, and it is best if it is already at room temperature when you use it as the starter.
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