Bulk method - 2kg tempeh, 5l container

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Re: Bulk method - 2kg tempeh, 5l container

Postby Durgan on Tue Feb 11, 2020 4:48 pm

curtijam wrote:Durgan, I’ve studied your photos too and I can’t see the difference. Do you have any higher quality photos to give a clearer example of what you mean?

I checked and you are right. Not a determinable difference.

What my comment was the mycelium permeates through the beans and basically making an homogeneous mass. It doesn't do that since a close study indicates that the bean structure still shows even with a perfect fermentation, slightly but still present. However if the bean structure is predominant it indicates that fermentation is as bit underdone. Still OK but not perfect.

Sometimes I allow fermentation to continue at room temperature in a large pot to completely cover the block with white mycelium. Aging if you like.
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