Crock size determination for miso

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Crock size determination for miso

Postby Rlmilt on Sun Aug 28, 2022 4:56 pm

Here is my conundrum: Which size fermentation crock to purchase, given the volume of ingredients, plus the required head room for the weights? Is there an accepted rule-of-thumb guide?

I made a 6-cup batch of chickpea miso, and loaded it into a 2L water-sealed crock. There was no way for me to add the suggested weights and use the water-sealed lid. I used the split weights that came with the crock, along with a baggie of marbles, but it only weighed a couple pounds. Should I have been better to purchase a larger crock? My next batch of miso will be larger, so I will wait to hear from those of you with experience before looking for my next crock purchase.
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