Sunlight & aflatoxins degradation

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Sunlight & aflatoxins degradation

Postby KEALA on Mon Feb 27, 2023 11:25 am


I wondered why some people here and there put their shoyu / jang in the sunlight?

I believe that in Korea, onggi have to be opened to 'let the
sun make the sauce'. Is it just for obtaining the right taste?

At the very least one finds a relationship between direct sunlight exposure and wet fermentation involving Aspergillus species (inc. A.flavus, A.fumigatus, A.parasiticus etc.)

Does anyone think that it might come from traditional ecological knowledge of the property that sunlight has to decontaminate a product contaminated by aflatoxins *?

Any equivalent practices in other wet/dry fermented products you know about using sunlight in its process?

Have a good day!

* S. Herzallah, K. Alshawabkeh, A. AL Fataftah,
Aflatoxin Decontamination of Artificially Contaminated Feeds by Sunlight, γ-Radiation, and Microwave Heating,
Journal of Applied Poultry Research,
Volume 17, Issue 4,
Pages 515-521,
ISSN 1056-6171,
( ... 7119316873)
The efficiency of decontamination of aflatoxin residues in poultry feeds through exposure to sunlight (solar radiation), γ-radiation (60 Co), and microwave heating were investigated in artificially contaminated feed samples. Photodegradation of aflatoxin by sunlight has been found to cause a significant (P < 0.05) decrease in both B1 and the total aflatoxins. Moreover, the degrees of aflatoxins were dependent on exposure time. Both aflatoxin B1 and total aflatoxins were decreased when feed samples exposed to sunlight by 42.3, 39.9, 75.5, and 65.9% for 3 and 30 h of direct sunlight of the treatment T1, whereas feed samples subjected to γ-irradiation and microwave heating caused a significant (P < 0.05) decrease in aflatoxin B1 contents by 42.7 and 32.3% for γ-irradiation and microwave heating (T3 of 25 kGy and 10 min of microwave heating), respectively. Therefore, the solar radiation was more effective in aflatoxin B1 reduction when compared with γ-irradiation and microwave heating.
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