Natto from Rice water, Lemon Grass...

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Natto from Rice water, Lemon Grass...

Postby Paulzie67 on Mon Oct 16, 2023 7:57 pm

Watched a Korean video of a woman making Natto with Rice water. Literally water from Rinsing rice! Have any of you seen this? probably.
Well, I had about a cup of dried black beans.... No idea how old they were, but figured, If it's going to work, I can always use a few beans to Inoculate a batch of new, cooked soybeans.
So far, They've been fermenting about 28 hours... I don't think they were kept warm enough were I had them as there was more "mold" growing on one side of the glass I was culturing in, so I turned it when I got home from work and there's now more growing on the other side. I'm going to leave it overnight and see. I took one pic already. Can Someone that has experience, Please give me an opinion?


I then saw a video where the guy said to use Local plants. He recommended Mint... Just 4 stems with leaves removed, then boil for a minute to kill any bad bacteria and use it to inoculate. I then took a can of black beans (already soft) and I used some dead (as he said dead stems have more B. subtilis) lemon grass. I just started that one but here's the black beans from the rice water... what do you think? Look like I've got something happening? It's actually been 24 hours already but it doesn't look like much yet. Can I over ferment it?
The other pic is just the bundle of the lemon grass while boiling. It's now in a Natto maker with the can of black beans. I'll know about that tomorrow afternoon.
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