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Turmeric and/or ginger Miso?

PostPosted: Sat Mar 11, 2017 1:18 pm
by Pearl_Sutton
Quite often when I do stuff with miso, I end up adding turmeric and/or ginger to the recipe to get the flavor and nutrient balance I want. Has anyone made miso with either or both of them added? Both are possibly antibacterial, not sure how the bacteria in the koji will react to them... Would love feedback :) I have powdered turmeric or fresh turmeric if I need to (it's my potted rootstock, waiting for my construction to be done so it has a greenhouse to live in, I can swipe some.) Have fresh or powdered ginger also. Miso would be non-soy bean, probably garbanzo and red beans.
Any chance garlic or onion miso would work either? Those are definite antibacterials.

I'll post my other question today on a separate thread, so the title may attract people who can answer it, if you think this is an interesting variant idea, check for the the other, see if you find it interesting also :)