Homemade Tempeh Incubator

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Homemade Tempeh Incubator

Postby ArthurDent004 on Mon Mar 22, 2021 12:37 am

What do you do if you have a Coleman 24 can party cooler, a Hydrofarm seedling mat and Hydrofarm thermostat, a cooling rack for a half-sheet pan, and a couple of aluminum loaf pans laying around? Why you put together a tempeh incubator, of course. The seedling mat goes in followed by the loaf pans on either side. These help elevate the cooling rack off the mat and you can add some water to them if you believe you need some extra humidity. Only thing left to do is to use the suction cup to attach the temperature sensor for the thermostat to the side of the container and then set it to 88 degrees. The cooler gives you ample room inside for containers, a pan, or bags to incubate.

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