How to pack sauerkraut for commercialization?

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How to pack sauerkraut for commercialization?

Postby Paula on Sat Sep 24, 2022 8:28 am

Hello everybody! I have been fermenting sauerkraut for a while and I love it, but this time I want to commercialize it.

I am starting this mini-business to sell in my neighborhood and surroundings (I live in the south of Brazil), I do not want to make any pasteurization or thermal treatment and compromise all the good bacteria. I want to commercialize it just the way I consume it, raw.

I am thinking about packing it in glass jars. What I would like to know is, the best way to pack it and precautions in order to preserve the product in good conditions. So:

:?: When is the best time to pack it? Do I wait until fermentation completes (pH 3.5)? Do I pack it early and let the fermentation continue inside the glass jar?
:?: Do I leave a narrow space of air on the top of the vegetables inside the jar or do I fill it completely? Will this air ruin the product?
:?: I know it has to be maintained at cool temperatures, but does it need to be refrigerated once packed in the jar and close it or can I maintain it at room temperature?
:?: What would be the expiration time? I always put it in the refrigerator once fermented and cosume it all in two weeks, but this time I have to think in longer periods of time

If anyone has any experience and wants to share it, I would love to read it. Thanks!
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