Gunduruk - success or fail?

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Gunduruk - success or fail?

Postby blueben1 on Sun Nov 05, 2023 1:54 pm


Ben here.
Newbie fermenter in London, UK.

I started fermenting some chard to make Gunduruk a couple of months ago, using a method in a book by Alys Fowler. Unfortunately I can’t really tell if it’s worked! Can I ask for a bit of guidance?

I made three jars. In two of them, there’s some worrying-looking white patches on the chard leaves. The third jar looks a bit better.

I didn’t add any brine to the vegetables - I just let them produce their own liquid. I wonder if this is where things went a bit wrong - the liquid produced never came more than halfway up the jars. (I think a lack of sunshine/heat may have been an issue here.)

The third jar produced a few bubbles but not many. The other jars, even less.

Any thoughts about whether this has been successful or not?
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