Garden versus organic shop bought?

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Garden versus organic shop bought?

Postby Ablot on Fri Jun 23, 2017 11:09 am

I have a bit of a dilemma, please can someone advise me?

I have made ferments using shop bought organic veg's with no problem. However, all the ferments from my garden have been intensely flavoured to the point that I simply cannot eat them. My last attempt was even stranger - I simply fermented some young juicy crispy bok choy just adding salt to the squeezed out juices. I waited three days then tried them - too salty, too raw. Waited a couple more days and suddenly found a totally unknown, very strong, and slightly unpleasant, sour flavour. But what really surprised me was that the texture had become fibrous. The temperature here in France, in my kitchen has been in the low 30's. I have now moved it to a cooler room at 24c and I will give it a couple more days. I chopped the veg fairly fine. So, am I doing something wrong? Should some kind of herb be added to the fermentation? Or do I put it all done to experience and keep trying?
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