Advice On Potentially Compromised Ferments

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Advice On Potentially Compromised Ferments

Postby da00782 on Fri Sep 20, 2019 2:59 pm


So I purchased five jars of Bubbies and Oregon Brineworks from Azure Standard, but USPS lost my package for about two weeks and one of the jars was broken, which was part of the reason for the delay.

The remaining jars were still delivered but they have no brine at all. I repacked them into regular mason jars and considered putting brine on them to cover them. And I smelled and actually tasted one from each jar. They smell and taste fine. Only one pickle had a small slimy spot on it so I threw that one away.

I have been fermenting my own as well, so I'm getting familiar with the taste and they seem okay. That said, I don't want to become ill from eating those in an attempt to not waste money for a bogus shipment. Any thoughts on these that are already fermented but dried out in the warmth. Thanks.
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Re: Advice On Potentially Compromised Ferments

Postby irie1029 on Mon Sep 23, 2019 7:08 am

My standard is "when in doubt throw it out". :(
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