Seafood in Kimchi -- Is it always safe?

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Seafood in Kimchi -- Is it always safe?

Postby JenniferG on Fri Jan 31, 2020 11:49 am

I got my first batch ever of kimchi fermenting right now -- it's on the 5th day and it's delicious! Tangy, fizzy, hot, etc.. I ate a bit of it about 10 hours ago.

I added some mixed seafood I bought frozen in a bag from the Asian market. This includes squid, octopus, shrimp, mussel and imitation crab. I believe all of it was either cooked or blanched, according to the bag ingredients.

I am concerned about botulism the first couple days before the kimchi is acidic. Or food poisoning in general.

I also used unmodified potato starch + water instead of the pear, in the paste as a low carb alternative (unmodified potato starch is very resistant and generally not digestible by humans but the bacteria love it as food). (I didn't use table sugar nor rice flour in the recipe.) The paste also has plenty of garlic & ginger in it.

The paste has a good amount of fish sauce (1/2 cup for 4.5 lbs of napa cabbage along with carrots, daikon, leek & scallions); also has a a lot of korean pepper flakes.

Did I make a mistake putting the seafood in right from the start? Maybe I should of added it after a couple days, letting the ferment get acidic first?

I thawed out the frozen seafood mix in a bowl and just mixed it right in with the veggies and paste. I didn't salt it first.
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