Fermented steel cut oats: water / starter question

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Fermented steel cut oats: water / starter question

Postby definitelynotsane on Thu May 09, 2019 10:17 am

Hi - Am going to try my first attempt at fermenting steel cut oats. Hopefully someone could advise on two questions:

1. I'm using chlorinated NYC tap water. Should I dechlorinate first? And if so, recommended ways of doing so without access to a charcoal filter? Have heard that boiling for 20 mins works and seems pretty simple.

2. Any recommended non-dairy starters for the oats, and if so in what proportion to the amount of oats? Am considering using a few tablespoons of coconut yogurt (anitas) but thinking that using sauerkraut brine might give it a bit of a strange taste.

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Re: Fermented steel cut oats: water / starter question

Postby Christopher Weeks on Fri May 10, 2019 7:38 am

I don't know what's in NYC water, but the simple chlorine will out-gas overnight and as I understand it, the monochloramine will stick around in significant quantity for 1.5 months. You can boil it off, but that's energy-expensive. But maybe just try it and see. I use spring water when I have it, but if I haven't been to the spring recently to fill my bottles, I just use tap water and it works out OK.

When I've soured grains, I never used a starter. The grains or the air had sufficient LAB to kick things off just fine.
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