Kefir as starter for sourdough

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Kefir as starter for sourdough

Postby alisoncc on Fri Feb 03, 2023 9:29 am

Been making kefir from milk grains for eight years - successfully. Have often had some left over, especially in our summer when it ferments very quickly. An acquaintance said she had read about using overfermented kefir as a starter for sour dough.

I mixed a dough using about 300gm of plain flour, pinch of salt and kefir whey with a few curds, and left the bowl to stand in a zip-lock plastic bag in the pantry. After 24 hrs it had definitely risen, so I dropped a lump in my air fryer, and cooked it. It was "interesting" to say the least. An almost sour-dough ish taste. Would like to think it was healthy. Thoughts please.

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Re: Kefir as starter for sourdough

Postby randicoot on Wed May 10, 2023 12:23 pm

Hi Alison,
I've tried several times to make a sourdough with home fermented kefir, with so-so results. The rise hasn't been great and it doesn't have the chewiness one expects of real sourdough. I found this discussion that seems to agree:

They found that the extra long rise times seems to degrade the gluten, which is what I was suspecting. You could try letting your whey get extra sour and use shorter rise times (<4-5 hours). There are yeasts in the kefir that should be able to digest flour, but maybe not enough. You may need to add bread yeast to get the shorter rise times.

I gave up my trials this past winter and will try to make a starter the traditional way now that it's warmer.

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