My porridge ferment experiment

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My porridge ferment experiment

Postby WF Newbie on Thu Jun 25, 2015 10:37 am

I tried a porridge ferment (various flakes types used eg oats, quinoa, rice, etc) several days ago, and I really liked it. I left the concoction in a proofer device at a temperature of 21C for 3 days, and it was very sour, but I mixed it in with other foods, and it tasted just fine.

I've just done a second batch, and here are my ingredients. It's all a random experiment really, so if it sounds stupid and/or weird, please let me know.

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All are 35g each:

Gluten free oats
Quinoa flakes
Brown rice flakes
Millet flakes
Buckwheat flakes
Amaranth flakes

To this mix, I have added:

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1100ml of water
My own sauerkraut juice - several tablespoons
Couple of dashes of ACV
Couple of dashes of lemon juice
Coconut water kefir - several tablespoons
Coconut water kefir grains - half a dozen


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Lump of fresh root ginger
Various whole spices, including salt and black pepper
Prescript Assist probiotic powder (1 capsule)
Some shredded coconut meat

If after a couple of days it looks like it's really bubbling a lot, I might start eating it then.
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Re: My porridge ferment experiment

Postby WF Newbie on Sat Jun 27, 2015 6:43 am

I've noticed that after 2 days, the liquid has stop bubbling. Prior to that, it was bubbling quite a lot. Does that mean the fermentation process has now stopped, and it is best to consume the porridge now? Is it now not worth leaving it for one extra day? (I was going to leave it to ferment for 3 days before eating it, but now I'm not sure..)

EDIT #1 - I did a quick taste test, and it's sour, but not excessively so. My last 3 day porridge ferment was more sour, and I kind of liked that! I think I'll leave it for another day, and eat it then..
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