Koji on my rye-tek

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Koji on my rye-tek

Postby Shanidze on Fri Jul 13, 2018 4:15 pm

Hello everyone,

I have an odd story to tell.

Last week I went to my university laboratory to inoculate some jars of rye grain with mushroom inoculum. A few days later, I look at the jars and see two cultures competing - the mushroom and Koji, spreading new generations with it's greenish yellow conidia!

The spores must have been waiting in that cabin for some months now, cause I brought a handful Koji to my professor in Winter, which used to start agar-cultures and left the grain in the biosafety-cabin.

Now I have 8 jars of whole, not too softly cooked rye grains that in the end will be part mushroom mycelium, park koji - ever heard of this?

Of course the mushroom mycelium is just as edible as Koji, so I think - should I just eat them?

Any idea how I can turn the basidio-Koji into a sort of rye-miso?

Thanks for any suggestions!


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