Water kefir like cider... help!

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Water kefir like cider... help!

Postby elinoir on Mon Oct 17, 2016 1:58 pm

I have been fermenting water kefir for about 10 days, I purchased from happykombucha.co.uk. The first day it was sweet, the second less sweet and then got more and more delicious for a day or two. It then became very sour after adding lemon for one ferment and I realised that it had reproduced at an astonishing rate.

The grains are always on the small side and I sometimes add a couple of dried apricots or a dried fig. I replace the water every day (about 60g sugar for 1 litre of water). I use britta filtered water and rapadura sugar (it was just unrefined granulated for the first couple of days or so). All ingredients are organic. When it changed from sweet to sour I moved it from the airing cupboard (about 30 degrees celcius) to the kitchen (about or just below 20 degrees celcius). I have managed to give a lot of grains away but they are still growing.

I am drinking the water but it is flat, sour and very strong (very similar to a raw cider).

How do I get back my light delicious water? and prevent them growing soooooo fast??? any ideas gratefuly received!
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Not a kefir guy, but

Postby p38thadl on Sat Dec 31, 2016 2:04 am

I have observed that the tastiest kombucha often arises from the nastiest looking mother, with patches of nothing but skin. Bacteria gotta do what bacteria gotta do, I guess... and when they're homemaking, flavor suffers.

What can you do? I'd be thinking to reduce sugar, keep the yeast active by avoiding the crabtree effect. Maybe backslop a little.
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