Fruit Kvass, i.e. blackberry, cherry, peach, etc.

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Fruit Kvass, i.e. blackberry, cherry, peach, etc.

Postby emilydavis on Wed Aug 02, 2017 6:01 am

I made a delicious blackberry & peach Kvass, using whey! (1 qt blackberries, 3 overly ripe peaches, 5 T whey, 1 qt distilled water, 5 days on counter, big jar)

1. How long will this fruit Kvass last in the fridge (be safe to drink)?

2. Will the probiotics stay active/alive until all of it is consumed?

3. It started out slightly sweet, but now (almost at the end of the quart) it's become slightly sour, and alcohol smelling. Is this normal? I'm still drinking it with no ill effects yet ... it just tastes completely different ...

4. Does friut Kvass stay 'Kvass'? Or, does it morph into something else, like vinegar...?

5. Are there different strains of probiotics in this fruit Kvass, compared to beet Kvass?

6. Is rejuvelac really cabbage Kvass, with a different name?
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