Question about brewing jun tea

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Question about brewing jun tea

Postby Paned on Thu Sep 27, 2018 10:27 pm

I got in to fermenting beverages recently. I started with water kefir, but grains kept decreasing or not increasing, and there was a lot of sugar left over, so I decided to move to jun tea.

I bought jun scoby from ebay, and I'm really concerned if this is really jun scoby. Are they fake kombucha scoby? can anyone verify?


I heard jun scoby is really white and I don't know if my 3000k light bulbs are the problem, but I personally see this scobys not white as it suppose to be. It would be very thankful if you can verify it for me.

Also when brewing, what is those brown sandy thingy at the bottom? I can't find any information about them online. Does kombucha has them too? what are they exactly? I hope you can provide details about them;;


I've been brewing water kefir, so it wasn't so hard to learn how to brew them, but I went in to some problems. Please help me.
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