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Food Hacking - Noisebridge/Tastebridge Group SF, CA

Postby Algoldor on Sun Jul 18, 2010 12:34 am

HI to All!
We prepare food and drinks based on traditional techniques which we are combining/up-dating based on current and future technology. Our goal is better understand of the processes in food culturing and promotion/bringing slow food movement to the households making it easy and reliable source of highly nourishing food.

yogurt cultivation
traditional approach - at "room temperature" ===> quality/taste of the final product is often not very reproducible due to changes of temperature during cultivation and it may be difficult to determine when to harvest the culture
our approach - construction of incubator with user friendly interface to control conditions like temperature, humidity etc. so anyone can do it at home without extensive experience/knowledge of the processes involved

We are looking for people to join us in our activities, material support and financial aid. We love to do presentations and workshops to show how easy the food culturing is when modern technology is used for a good purpouse. We plan to build up a mobile food culturing center and do a promotion around USA and Central America.

We are looking foward to hear from you,


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