Hello world Fermenters from Birmingham UK !

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Hello world Fermenters from Birmingham UK !

Postby wyzeminki on Fri Jan 04, 2019 2:51 am

Hello world Fermenters from Birmingham UK !
I have a long family history of yogurt making which was passed on - my grandmother used to put bowls of milk to sour in the airing cupboard and my mother made her own yogurt and, briefly, wines and beer. I made yogurt myself for many years but don’t eat dairy now sadly and I haven’t got on with any home made non-dairy version. I also made beer and, very unusually for the time, Bread Kvass, in my teenage years. The Kvass was great but exploded the tops off quite often, so I couldn’t carry on when I left the family home that had a big coal bunker for me to keep it in. The beer got drunk by other people when I wasn’t looking and it hadn’t finished fermenting so I gave it up rather crossly after about the third time this happened!
My mother made her own bread also, and though we often would buy sour black bread when we could get it, she only made yeast risen bread. I’ve made yeast bread all my life also, and I tried getting a wild fermentation started a few times unsuccessfully. I used to “backslop” the yeasted bread as a sort of compromise. Now I make my own sourdough with a starter from a friend who got his from Loaf in Birmingham, I’ve been making sourdough with this off and on (I killed my mother! My friend gave me a new one!) for about 4 years I suppose.
I got a water kefir starter from HappyKombutcha online, and I’ve been brewing with this for a few weeks. My third pot of sauerkraut is fizzing away in the garage. I just made jar of garlic in brine last night so we’ll see how that goes.
Best of all, I got The Art of Fermentation for Christmas!
I’m here to learn... :D
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Re: Hello world Fermenters from Birmingham UK !

Postby Christopher Weeks on Fri Jan 04, 2019 8:20 am

Welcome to Wild Fermentation!
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